Glenn County Active Transportation Plan

About Us

Glenn County Transportation Commission (GCTC) seeks to develop a long-range, comprehensive plan for creating truly walkable and bikeable environments throughout the county, including both its cities and unincorporated areas. The Plan aims to include bicycle and pedestrian project and program recommendations that reflects the unique County of Glenn environment.


The Glenn County Active Transportation Plan was adopted by the Glenn County Transportation Commission on June 20, 2019. You may download the plan below.

Glenn County ATP Final – Adopted 2019-06-20

Project Schedule

The Glenn County Active Transportation Plan is scheduled to be conducted over a two year timeframe. The first half of the Plan preparation was dedicated to assessing existing conditions and data analysis. The second half will focus on identifying recommended projects and programs for future implementation, including a list of Top 10 Priority Projects.

  • Existing Conditions Review – Summer/Fall 2017
  • Community Outreach – Fall 2017 and Summer 2018
  • Data Analysis – Winter 2017/2018
  • Project/Program Recommendations – Fall 2018
  • Draft Plan – April 2019
  • Final Plan – Summer 2019

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